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Coloring Crypto

Jan 7, 2019

With the return after our break, Coloring Crypto revisits the top Spotify episode from 2018 with the team's predictions in Crypto. Tweet @gabecolors

Jul 16, 2018

What's happening with Crypto in the middle of 2018? [2:50] My friend Lenny is done with Crypto [10:00] Amy Wan, CEO Co-Founder of Sagewise says just chill [23:00] Terrence Yang says adoption is abysmal @gabecolors

Jun 26, 2018

@BenSig on twitter, just released Squirrel, an app same same but different as Blockfolio. He's from our LA blockchain community and we talk DNA, EOS, Brock Pierce and John Oliver, and just as he points out, getting eyeballs is getting...

Jun 4, 2018

Tegan Kline Exec. VP at IPwe. Lessons on getting into Crytpo: Meetups, Facebook, Book of Satoshi , Bitcoin WP 
Knowledge (23:00) Capital age Richard burton
Miko podcast 
Jason Page, Intercoin, ...

May 29, 2018

Guest Jason Flack from shares tools for committed cryptocurrency traders, if you are an expert skip to (11:00) but before we get into arbitrage we tell you how we use exchanges to buy and sell crypto. Beginners welcome!