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Coloring Crypto

Feb 18, 2018

When I asked Rahul, founder of esports gambling blockchain company UNIKRN, what he would tell a major bank executive if they called for advice on what to do about the blockchain, it turns out they already had, and it's a revealing story giving bold believers in the transformative power of the blockchain some hope.


Feb 12, 2018

Jackson Palmer and friends, created Dogecoin in 2013, as satire, and today it's ranked among the top 40 cryptocurrencies on coin market cap. We got him to tell the whole story and asked if he any regrets. 

If you want to learn anything, let alone cryptocurrency, study the outliers. The story of Dogecoin has more to...

Feb 4, 2018

Eric Ly, co-founder of Linkedin, and current CEO of Presdo and Hub, 1. tells us how his background in computer science and social networks, helped to shape and color his understanding of how the blockchain works.

Jan 27, 2018

A triad of guests on this weeks episode include Michelle Tsng, author of "201 Thought Leaders in Crypto and Blockchain", Crystal Rose from Sensay, and Daniel Shanken with the CryptoPsychedelic conference, happening in Tulum Feb 2-4.

Crystal Rose is a technologist and successful entrepreneur. She is the co-founder and...

Jan 22, 2018

Women in crypto. It’s a worthy paintbrush. Today we feature Rachel Cook of Seeds and talk about the difference in raising money through traditional venture capital channels vs. raising money with a token sale, particularly in the context of gender. The second portion (41:45) of this episode features a paid interview...