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Coloring Crypto

Illuminating the Blockchain with host Gabe Colors

Creative arts, technology, design and humanity. Color on the blockchain

Jan 7, 2018

today’s guest illuminating the blockchain is jackson Palmer, who in 2013, created Dogecoin. Created partly as satire, it's valued in total at over 1 billion dollars today—we are going to tell the origin story of Dogecoin in a future episode,
but today we tap Jackson’s rare insight, starting with his take on the last year in crypto— and how in terms of crypto as an investment, it may have been great but in terms of proving the purpose of crypto as a currency may have actually been a bad year.

 It’s ironic in a way that a coin made as joke may actually prove to have more integrity and more utility than most of the coins created this last year.

Finding a voice of reason amidst the flurry of hype in this space is rare, and I’m grateful for Jackson’s humility, wisdom and effort to being clarity to the picture we are painting of the blockchain.