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Coloring Crypto

Illuminating the Blockchain with host Gabe Colors

Creative arts, technology, design and humanity. Color on the blockchain

Feb 18, 2018

When I asked Rahul, founder of esports gambling blockchain company UNIKRN, what he would tell a major bank executive if they called for advice on what to do about the blockchain, it turns out they already had, and it's a revealing story giving bold believers in the transformative power of the blockchain some hope.

"Gold is the biggest ponzi scheme" (03:04)

Youtube "League of Legends in Beijing" Are these the opening ceremonies for the Olympics?  (13:10)

UNIKRN announces a first of its kind agreement with Malta on crypto betting in Europe (22:00)

Major financial institutions ask start up founders for help and the result is a little embarrassing. (25:00)

Bitcoin and blockchain predictions for 2018 (35:30)


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