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Coloring Crypto

Illuminating the Blockchain with host Gabe Colors

Creative arts, technology, design and humanity. Color on the blockchain

Mar 12, 2018

One story of the origin of Dogecoin, that the creators of dogecoin just changed the Bitcoin font to comic sans and then slapped a dog on it, makes it a hilarious story… but as you’ll hear today, it’s a little bit more complicated than that… maybe alot.

Interview with Ross Nicoll who joined the Core Development team of Dogecoin within months of it’s launch.
Origin of Dogecoin by Coloring Crypto

we cover:
The version release pipeline, a possible ethereum doge sidechain,
-testing environments - Main Net, Test Net
-if you were starting from scratch what would you use to make a new crypto coin today?
-How many alt coins out there are derived from
- could you look at other repos of other crypto currencies and understand what they are doing.
-Is dogecoin creating it’s own independent chain?
- When you cap a coin at a certain number of total coins, how do you incentivize the miners?
-which version will be released
-an apology for delays in release…
-use technology from 1. merge mining tech from namecoin 2. script mining from litecoin
-dogecoin ethereum side chain
-inflation being positive
-advice at the end, don’t lose your crypo, get off exchanges.